Reserve Price Contract

Rollups that sell their sequencing rights through Espresso can set a reserve price. If the reserve price is not met in a given slot, the rollup can determine who has sequencing rights during the period of time associated with that time slot.

This component is under active development and this page will be frequently updated.

/// Mapping of a rollup's key to its reserve price, default price is 0
map<NamespaceId, (address, ReservePrice)>

/// Functions for rollups to update their reserve price
/// Calling key must equal address in the map
fn set_reserve_price(new_price)

/// Functions for a new rollup to register its reserve price for the first time
/// Calling key must equal address in the map
fn register_reserve_price(price)

/// Allows rollups to update the key associated with their rollup.  This function 
/// must be called using the old key
fn set_new_key(new_key)

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