Cappuccino Testnet Release

Espresso testnet 5 (Cappuccino)—April 2024

In April/May of 2024, we announced the Cappuccino release of Espresso.

Cappuccino continues the process of decentralizing Espresso, by onboarding a total of 10 operators to participate in Cappuccino. The 10 operators will be running a total of 100 geographically distributed nodes, all participating in HotShot together.

The Tiramisu DA layer is now also further upgraded and supports VID, which ensures that data is recoverable, even if the CDN and DA committee fail to be responsive.

As part of the Arbitrum tech stack integration, Espresso now supports Arbitrum Nitro fraud proofs, which enables Arbitrum chains to be fully productized on top of Espresso. We will be releasing test versions of Arbitrum Orbit chains in collaboration with Caldera and AltLayer.

We have also implemented a simple block builder for Cappuccino. This lays the foundation for shared sequencers elected through the Espresso marketplace to build valuable multi-rollup blocks and give out atomic execution guarantees for cross-chain transactions.

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