Disclaimer: Espresso is currently in an early phase of development. We welcome enterprising rollup developers who want to get a head start on integrating with Espresso, but please note that this documentation may be incomplete and the process of integrating with Espresso may change without warning.

Espresso is a marketplace for shared sequencing, combined with HotShot, a finality gadget, and Tiramisu, a data availability layer, for applications such as layer 2 blockchains, or rollups. As a rollup developer, you can permissionlessly integrate your own rollup with Espresso by making certain code changes to interface with Espresso. Espresso is also working with several rollup stacks and rollup-as-a-service options to provide easy no-code deployment options.

This chapter describes the general architecture of an integration between Espresso and a typical rollup. It covers integrations for both ZK rollups and optimistic rollups. There may be some specific details which vary between individual rollups. If you'd like more information on a possible integration with your specific rollup, you can contact us. As supplementary material, you can also check out the demo integration of a minimal, illustrative ZK rollup.

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