Disclaimer: the Espresso Sequencer network is currently in an early phase of development. We welcome enterprising rollup developers who want to get a head start on integrating with the sequencer, but please note that this documentation may be incomplete and the process of integrating with the sequencer may change without warning.
The Espresso Sequencer is a decentralized sequencer and data availability system for layer 2 blockchains, or rollups. As a rollup developer, you can permissionlessly integrate your own rollup with the Espresso Sequencer by making certain code changes to interface with Espresso's decentralized sequencer network. Espresso Systems is also working with several rollup stacks and rollup-as-a-service options to provide easy no-code deployment options.
This chapter describes the general architecture of an integration between the Espresso Sequencer and a typical rollup. It covers integrations for both ZK rollups and optimistic rollups. There may be some specific details which vary between individual rollups. If you'd like more information on a possible integration with your specific rollup, you can contact us. As supplementary material, you can also check out the demo integration of a minimal, illustrative ZK rollup.